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Land Rover Palm Beach Player of the Week: George Andino

Feb 19, 2013 -- 12:37pm
By: Ashley Dull 

Player: George Andino
School: St. Andrew’s High School
Class: Senior
Position: Point Guard

How does it feel to be Player of the Week?
It’s an honor. Glad people actually got to see me play and realize my skill set. Honestly I don’t really pay attention to this stuff. I just try to win and advance to the next round. The goal is to get one of these banners up here. It’s my job to get one of those.

What are your plans for college?
Either to go to Union College or Hamilton College in Upstate New York and go play basketball. That’s what I want to do. Study biochemistry or biomedical engineering, and have fun.

Do you play any other sports?
I play football and I might do track this year but I’m not sure. But basketball’s just been my thing since I was a little kid. That’s what I love the most.

So you like basketball more than football?
I like football but basketball; it’s just something different for me with basketball. Football you can just be big and strong and run people over. Basketball you actually have to be quick and think. It takes more than just being big and strong to play. It’s more of a mind thing with me. That’s why I think I can play with these guys. ‘Cause mostly everybody on my team they’re bigger, faster, stronger, but mentally I know the game so that gives me an advantage.

How’s it been playing for Coach O’Connell?
It’s been great. We’ve had our ups and downs. We get in a couple arguments once in a while but it’s good, it’s good when we argue. That way we try to get on the same page. It’s been fun these past three years.

Do you have any rituals, anything you guys do to get warmed up for games?
In the other gym we have the shooting machine, it’s called the gun. Me and a couple of my teammates we get on that before the game and we shoot just to get shots up. But rituals, not really. I come in here and look at all of the names on each and every one of these banners and it inspires me to come play and do my best because me and a couple other kids have been playing on the same team since we were in six, seventh grade and we’ve been working too hard not to have one of these. We deserve this more than most of the people up here. I just feel like that makes me want to push myself not only for me and the school but for them. Because they’ve been with me throughout my whole life and I feel like I owe them a banner, at least.

How do you feel about this season?
It’s been great. We executed a lot, won a lot of games. But we lost games that we should’ve won. But it teaches you that you’re not going to win every game and you’re not going to play as good as you can play. And this being your senior year you want to give it all out. Just to go out there and play your hardest because it’s your last year and you might not have another game. Like tomorrow might be our last game playing together ever and I don’t want it to be that last game.

What kind of music do you listen to?
Me, I listen to hip-hop mostly. I listen to some old school songs like some Al Green or Frank Sinatra once in a while, but mostly hip-hop.

Lastly, what did you do for Valentine’s Day?
Aww, man. We had a game Valentine's Day and I couldn’t hang out with my girlfriend after because I was busy. We were moving stuff into my new apartment. She got mad at me but I made it up to her.  She was like, “You couldn’t spend time with me?” And I was like, “I’ll make it up to you.” Today I got to hang out with her so it was fun.


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