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ESPN 760 predicts Super Bowl XLVII

Feb 02, 2013 -- 9:43am

The ESPN 760 experts (using the term loosely) predict Super Bowl XLVII:

Evan Cohen
Host (Weekdays 4 p.m.)
Score: 49ers 21, Ravens 20
The Ravens have had the magic all year but it will end Sunday. Keep an eye on the Ravens trying to knock out Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith stealing the day.
Steve Politziner
Host (Annual Steve & Craig Super Bowl Extravaganza)
Score: Ravens 26, 49ers 24
Difference-maker will be Ed Reed, whose intelligence and athleticism shadowing Colin Kaepernick will be a combination that the young starter has yet to see and won't be able to outrun or outsmart. The Ravens O-line will do just enough to give Flacco time for a couple of deep hits downfield. Close match-up that will live up to the hype as a classic game.
Jeremy Marks-Peltz
Host (Weekdays 6 p.m.), Update anchor
Score: Ravens 27, 49ers 24
We are in store for one of the most evenly-matched Super Bowl contests in a long time, and I see it as field goal game either way. I'm leaning towards the Ravens because of Joe Flacco's ability to throw the ball deep, and I can see Flacco connecting on some deep balls against the Niners secondary...and let's be honest I've loved Joe Flacco for years and want to run that into everyone's face!
Ken LaVicka
Host (Sundays 11 a.m.), Update anchor, High school reporter, Voice of FAU
Score: Ravens 31, 49ers 17
Lost amidst the never-ending, mind-numbingly boring "Ray Lewis is a murderer/PED user" storylines we haven't been able to escape over the past week? The Ravens are actually a pretty darn good team. Like they did against the Patriots, Baltimore's defense will adjust to what San Francisco and Colin Kaepernick throw at them, and the veteran leadership of Joe Flacco will help the unassumingly productive and efficient Ravens offense pull away for their 2nd Super Bowl title. That result will likely cause the first spontaneous combustion incident ever caught on camera, confirming the long-controversial theory, when Jim Harbaugh's head explodes into 4,621 pieces during a sideline temper-tantrum.
John Martin
Host (Weekdays 6 p.m.)
Score: 49ers 28, Ravens 21
I think this is going to be a hard-fought game, but in the end I don't think that Ray Lewis-led Ravens are going to have enough to stop the 49ers. Flacco has played very well, but the amount of weapons San Fran has at their disposal will be too much for Baltimore, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kaepernick's running ability were the difference in the game.
Stephanie Prince
Top 5 at 5 (Weekdays 5 p.m.), ESPN 760 Marketing Director
Score: Ravens 21, 49ers 17
I'm torn on who to pick. On one hand Jim Harbaugh is the hotter brother, but on the other hand, the guy from The Blindside deserves to win the Super Bowl because it's such a great story, so I have to side slightly with the Ravens. Plus, purple is my favorite color!
Alex Petakas
Host (Saturdays 10 a.m., High School Hysteria, FAU Football pregame/half/postgame), Update anchor
Score: Ravens 26, 49ers 21
Sure, the Ravens defense isn't what it used to be, but does that mean they can't slow down the red-hot Colin Kaepernick? I don't think so. Discipline is on the edge is what will be necessary to stop the 49ers read-option attack and I'm banking on Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger to stay home and force Frank Gore, rather than Kaepernick, to be beat them. After watching Atlanta's Julio Jones and Roddy White blow the top off of San Francisco's defense in the NFC Championship, I see no reason why Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin won't be able to do the same thing. That deep threat, coupled with a physical, "punch them in the mouth" run attack with Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce and a nice Baltimore O-line will be enough to get the job done.
Joe Girvan
ESPN 760 on WPTV sports anchor
Score: 49ers 27, Ravens 23
I believe San Francisco will beat Baltimore. It wouldn't surprise me of the 49ers won in a blowout, but I'm expecting a closer game, especially in the first half. San Fran's defense is outstanding, especially in the front seven. Offensively, the Niners have so many ways to beat you, particularly since they've gone to the pistol (nearly 50% of the time in the playoffs). If Colin Kaepernick takes care of the football, San Francisco will win its sixth Super Bowl.
Emerson Lotzia
ESPN 760 on WPTV sports anchor
Score: Ravens 31, 49ers 24
Why the Ravens? Three words: Deer. Antler. Spray. I expect Ray Lewis and company to shut down Colin Kaepernick and the 49er's read-option offense. That said, I do realize teams have had issues doing that up to this point. Joe Flacco will finally silence his critics and prove he is an elite NFL quarterback. Meanwhile, John Harbaugh will show Jim that the older brother always reigns supreme in the family, which should make for an interesting post-game handshake.
Kelley Bydlon 
Host (Sundays 11 a.m., FSU Podcast), ESPN 760 on WPTV Executive Producer
Score: Ravens 24, 49ers 20
Super Bowls seem to be decided by whichever is the hottest team these days, and I'm going to stick with that trend. As good as the 49ers have been, that hot team right now is the Baltimore Ravens. With big wins over the Patriots and Broncos, Joe Flacco and the Ravens seem destined for a win on Super Sunday. Having said that, I do think this will be a very tight, fairly low-scoring game that sees these two defenses really come alive. Give me Baltimore, plus the points, and splash a little on the money line! 
Brian Rowitz
Producer/Host (Weekdays 4 p.m., 6 p.m., FSU Podcast), FAU Executive Producer
Score: Ravens 20, 49ers 7
I think the wheels will finally fall off Colin Kaepernick. The stage is too big for him. We have had a long run of good Super Bowls and that comes to an end this time around.
Joe Colella
Host (High School Hysteria Fridays 6 p.m.), Update anchor
Score: 49ers 30, Ravens 17
While it’s a nice story that Ray Lewis is trying to end his “last ride” with another ring, I see him having a lot of problems dealing with that read-option 49ers running game, not to mention trying to cover Vernon Davis over the middle. Joe Flacco’s been outstanding in the playoffs but he hasn’t had to play a defense like the 49ers, especially with the extra week to study up and get healthy. Michael Crabtree wins the MVP.
Listen to Super Bowl XLVII  LIVE from New Orleans this Sunday on ESPN 760. Coverage begins at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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