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JMP's Seven Thoughts from the BCS Championship Game

Jan 08, 2013 -- 2:53am

You hear him weeknights at 6 on ESPN 760. Now here’s JMP (Jeremy Marks-Peltz’) from Sun Life Stadium, with his seven thoughts from watching Alabama’s 42-14 win over Notre Dame, in 60 words or less (or a little more, JMP can tend to be long-winded): 

1. The worst thing that can ever happen to you when covering a game is losing your parking pass. Naturally, that’s what this guy did. And then got lost twice, even though I lived in Miami for, umm, 26 years. Suffice to say, Brian “McLovin” Rowitz, riding with me, probably was ready to punch me in the face.

2. Loathe is not a strong enough word to encapsulate my feelings for Nick Saban. But Saban, in my opinion, just became the greatest coach in college football history. Three titles in four years in this era of college football is nearly impossible. And three title game wins by an average of 22 points, none more impressive than 42-14 Monday.

3. Should Saban stay or go? I always felt strongly after his futile Dolphins run, that Nick Saban wouldn’t ever touch the NFL again with a 10-foot pole. Now, I’m not so sure. What else is there to prove in college now? One thing is for sure: Saban will only be enticed by an NFL team with elite caliber QB play. Which means only Chicago as far as current openings.

4. Speaking of QBs, as annoying as Evan Cohen’s constant crooning over AJ McCarron was, the guy is a stud. 268 yards passing, 4 TDs, zero turnovers, some elite pro throws (including across the field on a dart). I would take him over any QB going into the draft, wouldn’t you? And we haven’t even mentioned his girlfriend, though Brent Musburger took care of that.

5. Then there is the rest of the ‘Bama squad. MVP Eddie Lacy, with 140 yards and a 20-yard scamper up the gut, setting the tone. 265 overall rushing yards. A suffocating defense, and a clinic run by the offensive line. Barrett Jones is the most heralded one, but junior Anthony Steen stood out the most to me, constantly devouring Notre Dame linebackers.

6. We’ll probably overdo the Notre Dame ripjob, but what a dud by Brian Kelly’s team. Everett Golson couldn’t make plays until it was too late. Manti Te'o didn’t show up. Their corners had trouble covering and tackling. And two critical penalties on the opening Alabama drive ignited the blowout. Great season, awful finish for the Golden Domers.

7. I’m setting the over/under on 2020 before an SEC team loses a BCS Championship Game. That would be another seven years. Fair? 

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