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Land Rover Palm Beach Player of the Week: LaTarence Butts

Dec 22, 2012 -- 1:34am

By: Ullanda Hill

Player- LaTarence Butts 

High School - Suncoast

Number - 15

Position - Guard  


From looking at you’re Twitter it seems that you have a lot of friends. How has you’re friendships helped you become a better basketball player? 


My friendships keep me focused and motivated they make sure I stay on track, they just want to see me succeed. 


I know you’re in your sophomore year, but what colleges are you looking at?


I’ve had some interests from Yale and Georgia Southern but am not sure where I want to go yet. I'm just trying to do the best I can to generate interest. 


Would you consider yourself a scholar athlete? 


Yes, my strongest subjects are physics and calculus. 


Would you consider yourself a team player? 


Yes, I try to do whatever it takes to win and if giving up the ball is what I need to do I have no problems doing that. 


How has Coach Powell helped your game? 


He’s helped to transform me into a point guard, so I can be the best player at a college level. 


So Christmas is coming up, what are you looking forward to the most about Christmas?


Spending time with my family and teammates. 


What kind of music do you like?


Rap, Lil Wayne is my favorite artist. 


Other than basketball is there any other sports you’re interested in?


No, none that I’ve put time and effort into like basketball. 


How has the community helped you?


The Suncoast community is awesome; everyone is so focused on getting good grades that helps me a lot. 


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