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LandRover Palm Beach Player of the Week: Grant Pelchen

Dec 05, 2012 -- 4:41pm

By: Pati Borja

Name: Grant Pelchen
School: Jupiter
Sport: Varsity Basketball
Position: Center
Your season has started off with one loss and two consecutive wins.  Are you pleased with the start to the season?
Yeah I am.  In the first game we were still sort of working out the kinks.  Palm Beach Lakes, who we played against that game, had already started their season, and on top of that they’re ranked above us.  Of course we expected to beat them, but they came out and they shot 61% from the field, and we only shot 31% unfortunately.  Once we had our first lost to them, it kind of kick started us and we got kicked on to the right track.
Last week, the Warriors defeated Suncoast in a 72-56 victory.  You led your team to this win by putting up 20 points, and 8 rebounds.  In your opinion, what would you say was your all-star moment during this game?
Honestly, I had a bad first half.  Coach talked to me and got me started up in the locker room at half time.  I only had made six points that first half.  I came back for the second half and started off with two dunks.  I think that is what really got the crowd going and started me back up.
Your Jupiter Warriors are now ranked 4th.  How do you feel about this ranking?
I think it’s a little bit low, but that only means we have to prove that we’re better.  We’re going to play Wellington soon, along with some other really good teams, so we should be able to prove that we can move up.
How has your Head Coach John Anderson really contributed to the team this season?
He’s really been more of a “players coach,” than a dictator.  You can tell he is working for, and with, the team as a whole.  He doesn’t just focus on the all-stars of the team, he focuses on the whole.  He helps us in school and with our homework.  We also do a lot of community service with the team.  Currently, we’re doing a toy fundraiser and all the players are helping us wrap toys and bring them to kids in need. 
Being as tall as you are, 6’10, in high school, has a very big advantage over your competitors.  How have you really used your height as a tool playing high school ball?
One thing Coach Anderson has always taught me to do is keep the ball up high.  Being this tall makes it hard for other players to get the ball, and it obviously makes it easier for more fouls to be called on you.  I just keep it up.
Considering Santaluces record for the season so far, with only 1 win of 8 games, how is the team preparing for the game this Friday?
We still have to be humble.  We can’t go out and expect to win 100%.  In the game against Palm Beach Lakes we thought we were going to win, and they just shot the lights out.  That really shocked us.  We just can’t get over confident.
As a senior, how do you think you’ve contributed to this team over the years?
I wasn’t very good my freshman year.  Coach Anderson has really worked with me a lot in maximizing my blocking and re-bounding potential.  This year I think my offensive game is finally starting to take shape.   
Out of all these years, what has been your favorite thing about being a part of this basketball team?
My favorite thing is probably the publicity that comes along with it.  Being so tall, everyone always asks me if I play basketball, and of course I say yes.  It’s a good feeling.
You have committed to attending Florida Atlantic University after your graduation here at Jupiter.  What do you look forward to the most playing ball in college?
I’m looking forward to working more on my game, and even possibly going pro.
What are your plans over the holiday break this year?
I just want to relax during break, and maybe work on my game a little more.  We are also going to a tournament in South Carolina December 26 through the 30th.
What is on the top of your Christmas list this year?
A new PS3!


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