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LandRover Palm Beach Player of the Week: J.D. Coleman

Nov 28, 2012 -- 5:21pm


By: Pati Borja
Name: J.D. Coleman
School: Palm Beach Lakes
Sport: Basketball
Right before the Thanksgiving break, Palm Beach Lakes Rams had a victory of 74-24 against Cardinal Newman.  Returning from a week of vacation the Rams did it again, beating Jupiter 68-49.  How does it feel to have such a great start to the season?
It feels great!  Just playing with all my teammates again and getting back on the court is what I’ve been waiting for.
According to some, the Rams biggest competitors are Palm Beach Gardens, Dwyer, and Suncoast.  Considering this, what is the team doing to prepare for the game this Friday against the Dwyer Panthers?
We’re just working hard.  We have to work hard for every game no matter who we’re playing.  We’ve been looking at film, and just studying. 
You were one of the MVP’s from last week’s game against Jupiter, scoring 14 points and leading your rams to victory.  How do you feel you really contributed to the game?
Just playing along, and playing a good game.  Passing the ball to my teammates is a big part.  Playing good defense is another thing. 
Quincy Cole and Lester Gates also put up some points in last week’s game.  How have they, and the rest of the team contributed to both wins?
They help us play the best defense we can.  They’re finishing the shots, while everyone passes the ball around.
Your Head Coach Lorenzo Hands was a finalist for the 2006 Palm Beach County Men's Basketball Coach of the Year awardand was presented with a Certificate of Congratulations for being named Palm Beach County Coach of the Year that same year.  How does Coach Hands really exemplify the qualities that qualified him for such an honor?
He helps us prepare to play other teams.  He teaches us to play strong.  Besides basketball, he’s there outside of the court too.
How does it feel to see headlines such as, “Palm Beach Lakes ROLLS PAST Jupiter,” or “Palm Beach Lakes HANDLES Jupiter,” regarding last weeks game?
It feels good, but you just have to keep playing the hardest you can.  We can’t be worried about that kind of stuff.
In relation to playing “away,” how does it feel to win a game in your home court?
It feels good to have all of our fans and other people there cheering us on.  
In three words, how would you describe your Rams fans?
Exciting, fun, and caring.
How does the team, as a whole, intend to keep up a winning streak for the remainder of the season?
We have to keep practicing and playing hard.  We really have to focus on our defense.

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