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LandRover Palm Beach Player of the Week: Xavier Swinton

Nov 14, 2012 -- 7:04pm

By: Pati Borja

Name: Xavier Swinton
School: American Heritage
Sport: Football
Position: Safety
Number: 10
Your season here at American Heritage is obviously exceptional.  At the start of the season, did you predict an outcome like this?
We always had a goal to have a perfect season.  We predicted from the start that we were going to go 10-0.
Your former Head Coach Doug Socha resigned earlier this year.  How did this loss and also the addition of your new Head Coach, Stacy Sizemore, contribute to the way things have been going this season?
Of course it was hard at first, especially on our offensive side.  Coach Sizemore came in though and really did a good job. 
How has this team really pulled together to make this season truly a victory?
We work hard every day.  We’re a family here, and we definitely pull together in practice to work hard for our wins. 
How has Head Coach Stacy Sizemore contributed to the team, on the field and even off of the field?
They bring a great energy to the team.  Even at the games Coach Sizemore gets all crazy on the sidelines cheering for us.  Our assistant coach is also awesome.  They’re both great coaches. 
In the game against Dwyer just last week, what would you say was the highlight moment of the game?
The highlight moment of the game last week, I think, was the sock on their quarterback.  It resulted in one of defense’s touchdown, and it was great. 
Last year you had a big win over Chaminade-Madonna, beating them 48-7.  With that in mind, how is your team preparing for the last game of the season against Chaminade-Madonna this upcoming Friday?
We prepare the same way we do for any other game.  We go hard on the practice field.  It’s either “win or go home” for us. 
In your opinion, what would you say is the best part of playing football?
On the football field you get to do things you can’t really do in real life.  You’ll go to jail if you do the things you do on the football field in real life, and I think that’s the best part about playing.
How does it feel to be a part of such an outstanding team?
It feels great.  We have a great team all around from our quarterback to our running back, to our secondary, and even to our defensive line.  It feels truly amazing to be a part of all this. 
How would you describe your Stallion fans?
Our fans are definitely rowdy during our games.  We have a drum line and everything.  Everyone has a noisemaker.  I definitely love our fans.
With the holidays approaching, what is the number one thing on your Christmas wish list this year?
The number one thing up on my list is definitely to win the state championship. 



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