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Bucky Dent Leaves School

Oct 12, 2011 -- 2:47pm

By Kelley Bydlon

DELRAY BEACH -- The Bucky Dent Baseball School will need a new name soon, because Bucky Dent is no longer involved with it.

The school announced today that part-owners Dent and Larry Hoskin have mutually agreed to part ways with majority owner Donald Uderitz. The school and the newly formed baseball academy that houses more than 20 year-round high school students will drop the Bucky Dent name. 

The academy, that just opened this past August, is a full time academic and baseball instructional academy for students in 9th grade through 12th grade. The school also just completed a $7 million renovation of the adjacent Miller Baseball Park complex.

The school itself, which hosts kids ages 5 to 18, is in its 36th year of operation. Based in Delray Beach, the school is open 26 weeks out of the year and also has a satellite camp in St. Louis, Mo.

Dent is known throughout the baseball world as one of the most respected defensive coaches. He honed his craft as a three-time American League All-Star and played on two World Championship teams with the New York Yankees.

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