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Wednesday, November 27th -- HS football coaches working to end bullying that plagues Miami Dolphins

Nov 27, 2013 -- 12:16pm

By Ken LaVicka 

Bullying is juvenile and immature, an act usually connected to life at the high school level, but the Miami Dolphins have brought it to the pros.

The Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito saga is ongoing, the country still fixated by the allegations against Incognito. From racism to death threats to basically stealing Martin's money, all eyes have been on the Dolphins' locker room culture, or lack thereof.

What about high school locker rooms? How prevelant is the bullying problem in prep football?

“Bullying used to stop when you got home. Now it's 24/7,” says Oxbridge Academy head coach Doug Socha. “Oxbridge Academy has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and hazing of any kind.” 

“We don't allow any bullying. Any initiation. Freshman are just as important as everyone else,” says Jupiter head coach Doug Uccelini.

In a day in age when anti-bullying movements are growing and more attention is being paid to the issue following tragic aftermaths like suicide, coaches are making sure they have a finger on the pulse of their team.

“You have to make sure kids are talking to you. Even if it isn't me, it has to be my assistants,” explains Boynton Beach head coach Rick Swain.

“A couple of years ago I didn't have guys mature enough and we had some issues, but now, it's not a problem. There's a very good line of communication with my team. Guys lead, and if there's an issue, they let someone know before it escalates. You have to talk.”

Click HERE to see Ken’s full story on HS coaches reacting to Dolphins bullying. 

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